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Managed home schooling

We are experts in designing and implementing home schooling programmes. Our specialist tutors are able to provide everything from occasional accompaniment alongside parental teaching to full time tuition. Many parents who choose to home school use our services to create an overall timetable and plan which combine parental teaching with guidance from professional tutors. This ensures that everyone involved can proceed with confidence and with the knowledge that progress is being monitored at all times.

As an accredited examination centre, we are able to manage each stage of the process and offer a warm and welcoming environment in which home schooled children can take their examinations.

In addition to setting up a home schooling arrangement, we are able to offer a managed service delivered by the curriculum management team at our own school, LSL. The LSL Curriculum Manager will have regular check in meetings with each tutor to ensure that the student is progressing through his or her various courses of study, and is staying firmly on track to meet deadlines.

We have found that having an education professional overseeing and monitoring the programme ensures that a student is taught at home successfully.

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Revision and Exam Preparation Courses at LSL

Lionheart Education provide intensive academic courses during school holidays in London. They are individually tailored, highly efficient and above all, proven to achieve the desired results.

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