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Good tutoring works because it allows a uniquely personal connection to be made between pupil and teacher that is difficult be replicate in a classroom. Great tutoring uses this to inspire a love of learning. Our tutors are proud of their ability to inspire a newfound passion for learning. With this comes confidence and with confidence comes success.

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Our Selection Process

We use the most rigorous selection process of any agency in the UK and intentionally keep our network of tutors small and exclusive. Less than 10% of our applicants are invited to interview. Following a three-stage interview process this number is reduced to below per 5%. Tutors then embark on a thorough training programme before commencing work for us. In addition, detailed academic and personal references are obtained as well as the appropriate criminal record checks.

Additionally, we actively search for exceptionally talented individuals who we believe can make a difference to the children they teach.

Our Tutors

There are many reasons why a child might benefit from a tutor at some point on their academic journey ranging from help with specific subjects, examination and study techniques and confidence building. We place enormous emphasis on matching the interests of your child with those of our tutor. For example, if your son is rugby crazy, it is amazing how much more interesting maths becomes when it is being taught by an Oxford Rugby Blue. A large proportion of our tutors have other professional careers and qualifications. Lionheart has sports men and women, doctors, barristers, structural engineers and artists to choose from. In order for effective learning to take place, we need your child to be truly inspired by our tutor.

We also have a select group of full time career tutors. They are amongst the most talented and experienced tutors in the UK and each of them has completed a minimum of 1000 tutoring hours. Many of our senior tutors work full time for us at our school LSL, some are also available for private tuition by prior arrangement.

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Revision and Exam Preparation Courses at LSL

Lionheart Education provide intensive academic courses during school holidays in London. They are individually tailored, highly efficient and above all, proven to achieve the desired results.

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