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Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions a young person will ever make. It is a process that involves a myriad of choices, risks and unknowns. These are serious decisions, which impact greatly on your child’s future. This process is often adversely affected by exam pressure and a lack of individualised advice. Matching a student to a university is not simply a process of matching grades to league tables. It involves a host of complex variables that many schools do not have the time or resources to fully consider.

Our process begins with a detailed analysis of each student that takes into account every detail including interests, achievement and personalities. We take our clients to visit universities individually, setting up meetings with academic staff and current students who will be able to give a real insight into the experience. We consider accommodation, security and transport. We will manage the process of your child's detailed and thorough preparation for meetings with any admissions tutors, which can be helpful in the application process.

Throughout the process, our consultants gather information and are constantly looking for ways to help a student stand out from the crowd. We will advise on areas that need improvement and set up relevant work experience where necessary. We ensure that each student’s application showcases the most interesting, special and surprising aspects of their personalities and achievements to ensure that their chances of success are maximised.

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Gaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge is the pinnacle of many students’ educational ambitions. We have extensive experience in making this ambition a reality using a highly effective and organised system designed to ensure that each stage of the application process is completed with the utmost thought, effort and tactical acumen.

All of our Oxbridge consultants are Oxford and Cambridge graduates with extensive experience in the application process. From choosing the right college to rigorous interview training, we know the system and we get results.


With over 50,000 degree courses on offer at more than 150 British universities, students benefit greatly from advice and guidance with their UCAS application process.

Students can only apply to five courses / universities and should select wisely based on a number of factors. Our expert consultants provide experienced advice on which degree courses are most suitable.

Our higher education consultant provides expert advice and assistance to students on all aspects of the application process. We also advise students on how to write effective personal statements and how to prepare for any entrance tests such as the LNAT (Law), BMAT / UKCAT (Medicine), TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment), STEP / MAT (Mathematics), PAT (Physics) which are required by leading universities and medical schools.

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Studying in the US

The process of applying to American universities is both demanding and highly time consuming. Whilst students within the USA have the year following their SATs to focus on these applications, British applicants often find themselves attempting to study for A Levels, complete UCAS forms and write US college essays all at the same time. The workload and level of stress involved in this approach can often lead to exam results suffering, which we believe must be avoided at all costs.

Our successful US College Applications System combine the personal approach of our UK based experts with the immense experience of our US college placement partners. From data analysis to essay writing advice, we aim to reduce the amount of time and stress involved in US applications to an absolute minimum, whilst ensuring the best possible results.

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