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Levels of Tuition


We provide tuition for all GCSE/iGCSE, AS Level, A Level and International Baccalaureate subjects. We also have tutors who are highly trained in less common qualifications such as the Cambridge Pre-U.

Entrance Tests

The stress experienced by many children preparing to take entrance examinations can often be detrimental to success. Using a calm, kind and organised approach, we ensure that children feel fully prepared and therefore confident. Having provided specialist entrance test tuition for over 25 years, we know what works and our tutors are all extensively trained to ensure that they achieve the best results.

We provide tuition for: 7/8+ Prep School entrance, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance and school specific entrance, 13+ pre-assessment for Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations.

University Tuition

Studying at university represents a fundamental shift from structured to independent learning, which can present a challenge for many students. Our university level tuition offers a more gentle transition into this style of learning. We have experts in essay writing technique and university exam preparation, as well as subject specific tutors. All of our university level tutors are experts in the subject that they teach, with either postgraduate or professional qualifications. Most are academics themselves or in the case of vocational subjects, such as medicine or architecture, are practising in the field that they teach.

SAT Preparation

For many students studying within the UK education system, the SAT examinations represent a real challenge as they are largely at odds with the way they will have studied and prepared for previous examinations. Our SAT tutors ensure that students are able to engage successfully in this different way of thinking and learning and adapt the knowledge and skills that they have in order to achieve successful results.

Revision and Exam Preparation Courses at LSL

Lionheart Education provide intensive academic courses during school holidays in London. They are individually tailored, highly efficient and above all, proven to achieve the desired results.

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