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Crisis Management

We specialise in discreet, caring and effective crisis management. In our experience, a perceived crisis can often be an excellent point to turn a life around and find talent that is often unseen or unexplored. Whether this involves finding a suitable school place in the middle of term or creating a personalised programme in conjunction with our team of leading educational experts, we are equipped to deal with any crisis.

Lionheart are uniquely placed to offer resources from our own school, LSL, whilst a crisis is ongoing. This means that unlike other consultancies, we can ensure that a child is able to continue their education whilst working on a long term solution.

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“Only 3 ½ months since we asked you to take our daughter on, she has discovered how much fun learning is, has done her GCSEs and got a place at Stowe. We can't believe how well she has done. Thank you for providing the wonderfully relaxed, healthy and fun environment. We are forever grateful to you.” Dr K.Reynolds, Parent of LSL Student Read more