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Lionheart Education, Blythe Hall, 100 Blythe Road, London W14 0HB

Our office in West Kensington is home to our Education Consultancy, Tuition Agency and our bespoke school, LSL. Please feel free to pop in to discuss your requirements over a cup of tea or coffee.

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About Us

Educational advice and expert private tuition


A relentless commitment to the success of children and young people

For over 30 years, Lionheart has provided completely tailored educational advice and support to children and young people throughout the world, from tuition to bespoke schooling to revision courses, educational consultancy and advice. During this time, we have built a reputation for excellence based upon outstanding results.

We aim to make learning as easy and interesting as possible, to give your child the confidence to ask questions, and ultimately, to succeed. We do this through working with brilliant tutors with whom children can identify, and consultants who can guide your child through the most complex of educational issues. Some of the world’s most prominent and influential families have retained our services because of our highly tailored approach, our fantastic team of tutors and our relentless commitment to children and young people.

Our tutors are proud of their ability to inspire a newfound passion for learning. With this comes confidence, and with confidence comes success.


Since Lionheart Education was established in 1989, one thing has never changed: putting children at the centre of everything we do.


Over the past 30 years, we have built a reputation for excellence based upon outstanding results. Some families come back to us year after year because we provide excellent services, thanks to our highly dedicated staff and our brilliant team of tutors, who will help your child succeed no matter what journey they have been on prior to Lionheart.


We aim to make learning as easy and interesting as possible, to give your child the confidence to ask questions, and ultimately, to succeed. We place as much emphasis on attaining academic excellence as we do in acquiring the necessary social skills to grow into a confident adult. We do this through working with brilliant, highly-qualified and knowledgeable tutors, with whom children can identify and learn an array of academic and non-academic skills.


We only work with people who understand how complex a child’s needs can be, and are patient, caring and understanding at all times. We aim for every contact you and your child have with us to be an extremely positive and reassuring experience, and there is always someone you can speak to at Lionheart should you have any questions or worries.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do, and this is why so many educational and medical professionals refer children to us. We will always be honest in our advice, and only suggest solutions that we think are in your child’s best interests. We pride ourselves on being the people you can turn to when you need professional, discreet and trustworthy advice.

Embracing our differences

Lionheart regularly works with young people
who have neurodiverse cognitive profiles. Our unique approach often involves
a multi-disciplinary team including teachers,
tutors, SENCOs, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. By building a holistic profile, considering psychological traits and mental health, Lionheart’s team is able to create an evolving educational pathway for your child to thrive thanks to a deeper recognition of
their cognitive abilities.

A fully bespoke approach

At Lionheart, everything we do is tailored to each individual student. We achieve this by spending a large amount of time speaking to children and their families, so we understand what their needs are. We only recommend educational options that we know are likely to work, based on thorough assessments, and a very extensive experience of the UK education system as well as child and adolescent mental health.

The idea that our daughter Samantha likes going for tutoring suggests that one of you is a wizard/Harry Potter or you have gorgeous 13 year old boys studying with you- it is a mystery- but whatever the magic- it is wonderful it works!

Karen C., Parent of a of a Lionheart Tutee

Not only did my kids enjoy attending your school and their learning, but also due to the guidance of your teachers their academic levels have raised significantly and Anya got high marks for her tests and managed to join the school of her choice. Thank you for your personal care for my children and respecting their individuality.

A.K., Parent of a of a Lionheart School student

Jeremie has called me to say his government politics teacher was the best on the planet. Naturally I extend our thanks for whatever it is that caused that reaction.

Saya C., Parent of a Lionheart Tutee

Dear Rupert, I just wanted to let you know that we have heard today that Harry has been offered a place at Eton and indeed he had already been offered a house place at Winchester. So thank you for believing in him and being so encouraging- we got there! A big thank you as your interview session was a confidence booster for us all.

Melissa T., School Consultancy client

Our team

Everyone at Lionheart is committed to the success of children and young people

Rupert Syme

Chairman and Head of Educational Consultancy

Oliver Gilsenan

Managing Director

Alexia Peel Yates

Director of School

Oliver Milton

Director of Education

Maya Waterstone

Director of Studies

Victoria Udall

Higher Education Consultant

Charlotte Faber

Education Consultant

Hannah Florek

Early Years Consultant

Deborah Palferman

Client Manager

Soizic-Arzhele Peyrusse

Marketing and Operations Director

Lisa Jain

Finance Manager

Georgia Hearn


Our Partners

To be able to provide the best care possible, Lionheart Education works with various professional mental health care partners worldwide