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For twenty five years, Lionheart has provided a bespoke and confidential educational consultancy and tutoring service for families throughout the world. Furthermore, we are uniquely able to provide full time individual tuition at our London school, LSL. We employ a network of the most successful, educated and experienced tutors in the UK who provide home based tuition in every subject imaginable.

We aim to establish trust with a child and instil the confidence needed to ask questions put forward opinions and ultimately, to achieve results. Our goal is always to inspire a love of learning and an understanding of the relevance of education to your child’s future. We do this through brilliant young tutors with whom children can identify and consultants who can guide your child through the most complex of educational issues.

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Our Team

Rupert Syme

Chairman and Head of Educational Consultancy
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Oliver Gilsenan

Managing Director
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Kate Cullinan

School Director
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Kirsten Crosby

Director of Studies
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Victoria Udall

Director of Higher Education
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Keith Pusey

Consultant – Senior School Education
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Philip Fawkes

Consultant - Preparatory
School Education
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Alice Burden

Client Manager
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Holly Newman

Office Manager
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Lisa Jain

Accounts Manager
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Lionheart School London

“Only 3 ½ months since we asked you to take our daughter on, she has discovered how much fun learning is, has done her GCSEs and got a place at Stowe. We can't believe how well she has done. Thank you for providing the wonderfully relaxed, healthy and fun environment. We are forever grateful to you.” Dr K.Reynolds, Parent of LSL Student Read more