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Entry Procedure

Our goal is to move students into the optimal school or university as soon as they are ready. This can happen at any point, meaning that places at our school become available throughout the academic year.

We base our entry decisions on how efficiently and effectively we feel that we can help the student. The assessments we use to ascertain this vary from child to child. All prospective students are interviewed with their parents. Many undergo a WISC IV (junior) assessment to help us to build a picture of how each child learns to enable us to gain a deeper understanding of their achievements, difficulties and potential.

We are aware that many of our students come to us at a point where their confidence is low, and we are sensitive to the detrimental effect that formal assessments can have on children in certain circumstances. We have therefore developed subtle methods over the years to assess each child to help us develop the perfect programme.

Exit Procedure

Our school and university placement consultancy has been operating for over 25 years. Over that time, we have built relationships based on trust with a wide range of schools. We are able to approach them with students who may not have had a smooth educational record thus far. This process is absolutely central to what we do at LSL. It is our job to identify the best school for your child, taking account of your preferences as a family, and the feedback from our in-house tutors. We will liaise with Admissions staff at your school of choice and gain a successful placement for your child.

"Preparing our students for entry into the optimal school or university is central to the LSL modus operandi"

Oliver Gilsenan - Managing Director

Revision and Exam Preparation Courses at LSL

Lionheart Education provide intensive academic courses during school holidays in London. They are individually tailored, highly efficient and above all, proven to achieve the desired results.

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