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A Typical Day at our school


Our in-house chef serves breakfast for all the students whilst they read the newspapers to keep up to date on news and world events. This is important for general knowledge and also for interviews at future schools.

9.30am – 12.50pm

This time is divided into three one-hour lessons with breaks. They are multisensory, interactive, fun and move precisely at the pace of the individual student at that time and on that day. Due to this, the speed of progress can be astonishing.

12.50pm – 1.50pm

Lunch. This is a choice of freshly prepared dishes utilising the highest quality organic ingredients. The chef consults with the students to include their favourite dishes in the weekly menu whilst maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet.

1.50pm – 4.00pm

Lessons and private study sessions continue into the afternoon. A healthy afternoon snack is baked and served by our chef in the afternoon break to ensure that our students stay energised and eager to learn.

4:00pm onwards

LSL remains open into the evening for further lessons and private study sessions if needed and to allow the students to complete their homework in school, leaving their evenings free to relax at home and prepare for the following day.

dietary requirements

We cater for special dietary requirements. The students eat together and continue tutor-led discussions about the news, world events, technology and philosophy. Parents and guardians are welcome without notice on any day.

Revision and Exam Preparation Courses at LSL

Lionheart Education provide intensive academic courses during school holidays in London. They are individually tailored, highly efficient and above all, proven to achieve the desired results.

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